After years of struggling with depression and addiction Dylan Belanger (Tribulationz) has settled into sobriety and music to provided a positive platform that helps others going through similar tribulations. From dark bass heavy hip hop to rock influenced beats, Tribulationz has no boundaries when it comes to the genre. Each day brings new lessons and with new lessons comes a new state of mind so his sound is constantly changing to accommodate the new mindsets acquired. Most of the beats heard on his first album were produced by him and recorded at his home based studio Wyred Records. With a couple years of sobriety under his belt Tribulationz continues to push through the comfort zone and keep growing as a musician and speaker to others that have endured similar endeavours.

"Yin and Yang...cant appreciate the sun without a little rain..life's always going to throw you "Tribulationz "its all about how you perceive them that defines how (or if) you grow"